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$250/Session for cosmetic tattoos

Liberté Cosmetics is proud to offer cosmetic tattoo lightening/removal using LI-FT, an all natural solution made of sea salt and fruit serums. LI-FT is a safe and effective way to lighten and/or remove unwanted pigment for cosmetic tattoos without the risk of hairless and skin damage. Multiple sessions will be required to lighten or completely remove the ink.

Emergency Ink removal can be scheduled if within 48 hours from initial procedure. Book online or call/text  636-699-6311 if there is no availability.   

What should I expect during my appointment?

We start by talking about goals for the color removal. Sometimes only part of the color needs to be removed to achieve our desired goal, other times it is best to remove all of the pigment in a particular area. To start the procedure,  we numb the treatment area to minimize discomfort.   Then we work to implant the Li-FT  saline solution into the skin.  Osmosis helps to draw body fluid to the area so the ink can be removed.  When healing, a scab will form that contains the removed pigment.  The scab should naturally fall off to reveal a lighter tattoo.  This is a process and will typically take 2-5 visits to achieve goals.

Am I a good candidate?

  • Results will vary based on  your skin condition and ability to heal  

  •  the type and color of the pigment to be lightened, depth of pigment placement, technique used

  • The timing for a tattoo lightening procedure is important.  Please review the aftercare instructions to ensure you will be able to follow them for two weeks after your appointment. If you have special events, travel plans or work in an environment with the probability of high bacterial exposure you should choose the timing for the lightening procedure so aftercare instructions do not conflict with these activities or workplace schedules. 

  • Darker skin or any other skin that shows signs of previous hyper or hypo pigmentation should be done with extreme caution. A pre-procedure test may be required to ensure no hyper or hypo pigmentation is possible.

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