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$500 First Session

$150 Second Session

All new brow services includes a consultation, shaping/mapping, color matching, aftercare instructions and procedure. It takes approximately 2-3 hours. Brow enhancements are always a two session process. 


Microblading is a technique that creates very fine lines or strokes to replicate the look of real hairs.  Manually applied with different types of microblades. The size and thickness of the blades can determine how the hair stroke will look. For a client with excessively oily skin, this technique will result in a soft powder stroke.  Dry skin types tend to heal with more crisp defined results. Microblading is ideal for normal to dry skin types.

If you are a client who does not normally fill in their brows with makeup and you are looking for a very natural look, this technique is great.  If you are used to filling in your brows, we would highly recommend Hybrid Brows as microblading may not be enough colour for you.


This technique is the best of both worlds. Brow shading technique is a perfect way to give your microbladed brows the shadow behind the strokes effect. It allows you not to worry about shading them in with brow powders or pencils. It’s also semi permanent, but last a little longer than microblading itself.


This technique is a powder filled brow look, similar to applying brow powder makeup. The pigment is lighter at the start of the brows and gradually gets darker on the tail giving that perfect ombré soft powdery effect. This technique is different from microblading. A small tattoo machine pen is used for this. This technique is better for oily skin type.


Touch-up prices are only for clients that were previously seen by me.

A touch-up appointment is recommended to improve results and to adjust color where your skin did not take the pigment. At this session we will perfect the shape, color and make any minor adjustments.

2-6 Months after the last session $100

7-12 Months after the last session $150

13-24 Months after the last session $200

24 Months +  after the last session  $300

Work done by another artist will be priced as an initial session and will include color corrections as needed. 

*Prices are subject to change*

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