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$500 First Session
$150 Second Session

A beautifully applied eyelash enhancement is fundamental in accentuating and enhancing the shape, color and size of your eyes. Besides convenience, a Lash Line  Enhancement Tattoo is the perfect solution for anyone with allergies, contact lens sensitivity, dexterity issues, vision problems or an active lifestyle. The artistic placement of color and line can also help correct the appearance of certain eye shapes and facial asymmetry.

The enhancement will add depth, definition, and lift to the eyes so that they appear larger and more striking, and lashes appear thicker and fuller.

For a subtle, ‘barely there’ look, Lash Enhancement will discreetly define and frame your eyes.  An extremely thin line of color is implanted between the lashes creating fuller, thicker, lovelier-looking lashes.  Lash Line Enhancement rejuvenates the eye area without the noticeable effect of make-up, for a strikingly natural, fuller-lash appearance.

Eyeliner tattoo is not recommended for anyone who has used eyelash growth serum of any kind in the last 6 months.
Eyeliner tattoo is not recommended for those with vasular eyelids.  (visible veins)

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